Saturday, January 29


I survived!  Hot yoga this morning was amazing.  The facility alone blew me away, much different than the basement looking one that I go to.  Our instructor was awesome, she really inspired me to keep pushing myself.  I feel amazing after it.  And as you cool down with breathing exercises they give you a cold towel with soothing oil on it.  Amazing.  I want to try to find a place like it back home, I know of a few different ones that are {much} further away then the basement one I go to now. 

Driving back to my old college city I had to transition radio stations.  That was my fist reminder of how much I miss it here.  Really, they are great, seriously some of the best I've ever heard.  And there's tons of them, tons of variety.  But being with one of my best friends at her new loft apartment in the heart of the city brought me back to the days of living in a city.  I live in a "city" now, but is is suburbia, just a lot of if.  This place is full of life, a million things to do, the best shopping.  Its like a mini NYC.  I realized just how attached I could be to a city, and how unattached I am to the city I've lived in for 2 years {as an adult} and grew up in. 

After early morning yogurt and granola (Chobani yogurt is amazing, how have I never had it before today!?), hot yoga, boutique gazing, yummy lunch at an eclectic cafe specializing in salads (another reason I love this city, the food is amazing!), walking the dogs around the hustle and bustle street... we're getting ready for the rest of the day with lots more fun to come.  We're having our traditional girls night... Im not sure life gets better than a dressed up, delicious dinner in the center of the city and coming home to pajamas, a couple bottles of wine and a couple of the best friends a girl could have. 

Friday, January 28

January Sore Abs Bring............................. May Flat Abs{?}

Ok, Im not nearly as good at making catchy sayings as someone with April and May... interestingly enough {at least here in NC} April is the driest month!

Back to the point, my abs are still sore from hot yoga 2 days ago.  That can mean only one thing right?  I hope so, I'll be going back for more tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow's hot yoga class is my first 90 minute class.  If I dont post, I died and went to yoga heaven.

{E} is in training for the next few weeks and has been all of this week {training means nearly no contact while hes gone to never, never land}.  While he's gone I come up with tons of stuff to do around the house to keep my mind occupied {more on that to come soon!}.  This weekend Im throwing that aside and spending a weekend with some of my favorite girls in the world.  Celebrating birthdays, getting ready for an upcoming wedding and shopping; all the really girlie stuff... the perfect way to the spend time away from my love.

Thursday, January 27

Making It Happen

I've been following other's blogs for a while now.  They've always inspired me, taught me, and given me a different perspective.  And I wanted one of my own, but felt silly to even seriously consider it.

As the New Year turned I was busy making goals for 2011.  Yes, after Christmas every year my Dad would have me and my brother write out our goals for the next year, the next 5 years and what we thought we had to do to get there.  As a teenager I thought this was the dumbest idea, now looking back Im greatful that he taught me those tools before I had to actually use them {be an adult}.  So I make goals every year, not resolutions.  My "goal" for this year, in general, is to live in the middle.

"In The Middle."  I was inspired when I was reading about Buddha, who gave all of his belongings away and lived in vast poverty and fasting for years after living as a prince with all the luxuries life had to offer.  After both experiences he encouraged his followers to live in moderation, neither one extreme or the other. 

This year I am continuing my {lifelong} adventure in being healthy and happy.  As I look ahead this year has a lot of craziness in store... but Im ready for it!  I thought this would be the perfect time to start my blog.  As you can see, its January 27th, Ive been a big scaridy pants and needed the encouragement of a great friend to push me over the edge.

~~Im always up for an adventure.  Id love for you to join me in mine.~~