Friday, January 28

January Sore Abs Bring............................. May Flat Abs{?}

Ok, Im not nearly as good at making catchy sayings as someone with April and May... interestingly enough {at least here in NC} April is the driest month!

Back to the point, my abs are still sore from hot yoga 2 days ago.  That can mean only one thing right?  I hope so, I'll be going back for more tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow's hot yoga class is my first 90 minute class.  If I dont post, I died and went to yoga heaven.

{E} is in training for the next few weeks and has been all of this week {training means nearly no contact while hes gone to never, never land}.  While he's gone I come up with tons of stuff to do around the house to keep my mind occupied {more on that to come soon!}.  This weekend Im throwing that aside and spending a weekend with some of my favorite girls in the world.  Celebrating birthdays, getting ready for an upcoming wedding and shopping; all the really girlie stuff... the perfect way to the spend time away from my love.

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