About Me

In the middle.. describes my life perfectly!!

Right now I'm in the middle...

Our first year of marriage!

My first and last deployment.  Im training to be a deployment ninja!

Planning our RTW trip

Devoting myself to my yoga practice and health

Trying to establish my blog- it isnt easy to figure out how I want to share it and how much I want to share

Recovering the artist in me- I used to be very creative, other things became a priority in college and it is something I'm trying to recover

Getting a j o b so we can put a lot more savings towards our RTW trip

My about me when I started the blog... while a lot has changed, a lot hasn't.  It is fun to look back what my "about me" was 2 years ago.

After getting my degree in mechanical engineering, I moved to my new job working in the corporate world.  Since then, a couple years has passed.  I've spent the last 2 years settling into my new home, job, and city

I love to travel, in the last 5 years I've focused mainly on international travel (Mexico, Costa Rica, England, Holland, and Chezk Republic).  After meeting my wonderful boyfriend Ive been inspired to start traveling around the US.  Im from the South East and have traveled up and down the coast, but realized that I have been missing out on so much of the US!

I really enjoy running, yoga and being healthy in general.  I think if I'd started this interest {passion}about nutrition and food I would've gone to school for that instead!  I have a hard time getting on a consistent routine, still working on it!

I have the sweetest and most caring boyfriend a girl could ask for. Our time is often interrupted by the Army thinking they are more important and taking him away.  It has taught us to cherish the time we have together even more.  We always have fun, love to try new beers, go running, sit on the back porch, watch movies or documentaries and cuddle.

I have an amazing and passionate {and slightly crazy} family and friends that I consider family that I love so much.  They have helped me through some of the toughest times, celebrated the good times and laughed at both along the way.