Thursday, September 6

The Beginning of the End

As we like to call it, the beginning of the end has started.  This deployment is the last big thing we will have to do in the Army.  Next summer we will be moving on, starting with our RTW trip.  RTW is what the cool kids say instead of Round the World.  Lots more to come on that!  We'll be working on planning, budgeting and researching over this deployment to prepare for it!

We've always called our relationship our biggest adventure.  We see this is another part of that adventure.  It will be hard for us, we're that couple that can spend nearly every second together for weeks on end and love it.  I'm not totally sure how he can stand me for that long, I think I get tired of being around me but it works for us.  This is going to be a new phase, a different relationship for a little while.  Both of our love languages are touch, so it isn't hard to see where the problem is here.  I've come up with a lot of goals that I want to accomplish while he is gone.  I want to be happy this next 6 months.  It may sound weird but I do believe all we have is today, this moment.

xoxo, little fish

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