Tuesday, September 4

Bonus Weekend!

This weekend was a bonus for SO many reasons.  We found out we could go to Atlanta on Wednesday.  I rushed to try to find a hotel (it wasn't easy, there were a lot of events going on in Atlanta last weekend), space for puppy dog at a boarder and all of that.  After fighting Labor Day traffic we made it to Atlanta.

Weekend festivities with family included...

NCSU vs Tennesse football game (a friend generously gave us tickets they couldn't use)
Atlanta Aquarium
A few amazing meals; Atlanta Fish Market and The Treehouse were outstanding!
Got to see my brother's studio apartment
A lot of laughs, quality time and story telling


Atlanta Aquarium was amazing!

Me with the little bright fish :)

A MUST visit for Atlanta, there is no bad item on the menu!

Enjoying the next couple days!  There's a lot to look forward to for us, specifically planning our RTW trip.  More on that later this week!

I love comments, feel free to leave one.  How was your Labor Day weekend?

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