Thursday, August 30

An Update

A lot has changed since my long ago last blog.  I think over time you'll see some of the differences, but most of all the biggest change is that I got married!  I've continued my deepen my practice of yoga, healthy eating (but ditched the diet, that was no fun), running, walking, general healthy living :).

The new biggest change will be here much sooner than I'd like.  My hubby will be leaving for a deployment.  It'll be a new phase in our relationship and life.  While I wish that he didn't have to go I am determined to make the time he is gone a happy time full of life.  I hope to continue to build our relationship and myself.  A while ago there was a blogger who really inspired me.  She's since taken down her blog, but her motto was, "Survive and Thrive."  That is my goal.  Just surviving isn't good enough.  Yoga teaches that the only moment you really have is right now.  If I spend months of "right nows" upset, sad and miserable, Im not really living.

As the changes have come and gone like waves the last few years I've realized we're always in the middle.  I love the name of my blog because it is so true, Im in the middle today.  Today Im in the middle of packing, preparing, and celebrating.  What are you in the middle of today?

I'm off to enjoy a "bonus" weekend with family out of town!  This trip just became available to me a couple days ago.  I've felt like I could explode like party confetti all day!

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