Thursday, January 27

Making It Happen

I've been following other's blogs for a while now.  They've always inspired me, taught me, and given me a different perspective.  And I wanted one of my own, but felt silly to even seriously consider it.

As the New Year turned I was busy making goals for 2011.  Yes, after Christmas every year my Dad would have me and my brother write out our goals for the next year, the next 5 years and what we thought we had to do to get there.  As a teenager I thought this was the dumbest idea, now looking back Im greatful that he taught me those tools before I had to actually use them {be an adult}.  So I make goals every year, not resolutions.  My "goal" for this year, in general, is to live in the middle.

"In The Middle."  I was inspired when I was reading about Buddha, who gave all of his belongings away and lived in vast poverty and fasting for years after living as a prince with all the luxuries life had to offer.  After both experiences he encouraged his followers to live in moderation, neither one extreme or the other. 

This year I am continuing my {lifelong} adventure in being healthy and happy.  As I look ahead this year has a lot of craziness in store... but Im ready for it!  I thought this would be the perfect time to start my blog.  As you can see, its January 27th, Ive been a big scaridy pants and needed the encouragement of a great friend to push me over the edge.

~~Im always up for an adventure.  Id love for you to join me in mine.~~

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