Tuesday, May 17

Not-So-Healthy Granola

I started the "17 Day Diet" on Sunday and have been doing very well.  The diet isn't far from my normal diet, but it is cutting out sugar and complex carbohydrates for 17 days.  One of the difficulties I've had is that my body is metabolizing the food so quickly that I am hungry very quickly.  So today I packed some Cauliflower Crust Pizza (I will blog about this soon!), an apple, a cup of grapes, and marinara, spinach and mushrooms to go on my pizza.  For 8 hours I thought I'd be ok, but I thought wrong.  Sitting at my desk I was so hungry I resorted to {dun, dun, dunnnn} the vending machine.  Trying to make a healthy choice I picked a Nature Valley Oats N' Honey granola bar, "100% natural."  While I imagine that this probably was the best choice out of what was available, I was a little disappointed to see the ingredients list.

#1- Whole Grain Oats- Makes me happy, whole grains are great!
#2... Sugar! 
Next was canola oil, followed by yellow corn flour before we finally get to honey.

I am really taken aback by this.  There are only 12 grams of sugar for the snack, which is equivalent to 3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon.  Even before my diet I have tried to remove processed sugar from my diet.  I've also made a vow after becoming educated about the corn industry in the US to reduce the amount of corn I consume as much as possible.  Whole corn does not have the nutritional benefits other vegetables has and has been broken down, stripped and modified so much to fit into so many foods today.  I'll go into detail about this soon!

What foods have you found that have a high amount of sugar that you though was so very healthy for you?

I think they should change the name to Nature Valley Oats N' Sugar.  I'll contact their marketing team and see what they think :)

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