Tuesday, May 10

And we're back...

Im back from my hiatus.  I started feeling as though my blog was something I was “reporting” into, something that had to fit the mold to what was expected of me.  I was getting questions about my “theme” or focus.  These questions left me conflicted, basically because I can not put anything in my life into a little neat package and leave it at that.  Im messy, everything bleeds into the next in my life.  I want to be real, to discuss what is on my mind.  While I’ll focus on health and fitness because it is something that is deeply part of my life, this isn’t a “health and fitness blog.”  Are you confused yet?

The last year and a half of my life has been, well interesting to say the least.  Six months after graduating college and accepting what I expected to be my dream job I settled into a townhouse and surprisingly started dating an amazing man, who happens to be in the military.  Apparently the consensus between my friends was that I would be single for quite a while longer.  I was happy with my independence, they could see that and thought I’d do nothing to give that up.  Then I met a cute boy at a bar who made my heart stop when I saw his smile.  I was pretty much done from there. 

Then came my job woes.  The honeymoon of my “fancy” corporate job quickly faded away, to my dismay.  Truth be told, I was shocked.  This was what I worked five years in undergrad for, I was doing exactly what I though I’d want to do forever.  Since then I’ve discovered that there are many, many reasons that all attribute to the complete dissatisfaction with my career. 

On top of all of this, the military has made my life, well, challenging.  {E} got his final station location to be where he’s been stationed for the last two years.  We’re currently exactly 90 miles apart.  While it is not bad, we’re both over the long distance commute and ready to start a normal life together.  In the current arrangement we’ll be apart for yet another two and a half years.  We’re working to change that.

So, basically this will be a blog about a young lady in her mid-twenties trying to figure it out.  In the middle I will post about the things that keep my sane, the things I love and hopefully share a lot of smiles and good times.

I would love feedback, please email or comment :)

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