Wednesday, February 9

I've Come to my senses; and I STINK!

One of my benefits of yoga is that I become much more intune with my body, including my senses.  I tried a new Bikram place yesterday.  I have to say I wasnt entirely impressed.  This Bikram studio is supposed to be top of the line, and their prices reflect it.  I signed up for a "try it out week" for $25, so I figured I better get bang for my buck and get back there again today.  hmmm, ok, really one of my best friends told me to get my butt back in it!

Yesterday I left the class feeling so-so.  Not good, not terrible; it had been a rough class for me in general.  But today was "WOW."  My breathing was on track, my body responded to what I asked it to do.  I felt awesome going through my standing poses.

Then I laid on my map for first floor shivasna I started to smell something... it was a pretty empty class so there was no one within 5 feet of me.  I conceded it had to be me.  Im not sure if my body was getting out some built up toxins, or if I usually dont smell as well, but man did I stink!  I also felt the drops of sweat pouring down my body.  I felt water dripping down the skin on my back, stomach, neck, ankles, elbows... It made my body feel alive.  It made me smile every time I smelled my stinky self or felt that sweat dripping down. 

I think Im finally starting to get it!  My favorite part of the new place; showers!  I thoroughly enjoyed smelling fresh and yummy all the way home.

February 8th: 70 minutes walking, 90 minutes hot yoga
February 9th: 30 minutes walking, 90 minutes hot yoga

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