Sunday, February 6

Progress Report!

First, I wanted to clarify "When the Cat's Away, Mice Will Play."  A couple days after posting that I thought it might have a bad connotation, I just wanted to clarify that when {E} is gone I have a lot of time I need to fill!  When he is home we end up doing so much fun stuff that I neglect a lot of house projects. 

So this week I was talking to a friend that works at the "Corporate Giant" with me about my never-ending search for a craft table.  We had talked about it a few times before (I've been obsessed with trying to find one!). As we were walking and talking he had a brilliant idea... the Corporate Giant scrap yard!  They take anything that isnt being used anymore and scrap it.  We walked down through several creepy dark hallways and found the scrap guy.  He showed me an awesome scrap table that was exactly what I was describing.  All of the table I'd been looking at online were about $150.  But this table was $27!  I was pumped.  My friend wasnt as excited when he had to help me get it home and up the stairs... {E} owes him for that one!

This is the room.  The picture is taken from the doorway.  To the right of the doorway are double doors to a closet.  There is one wall to the right with nothing on it, the center wall with a huge window and then the other wall the door swings open to.

So my big lesson learned here... DON'T spray paint inside!!!  Yeah, I thought my ventilation would be good enough, it wasn't.  I had to open my downstairs doors (it was 30 degrees out there!) to get the fog of chemicals out.  I still have some work to do on the paint so dont look close!  But I am waiting for {E} to get home and help me carry the metal piece down to the garage or back yard.  Scroll down to see all the progress!

After a trip to the Big Box Store I got the tools to take it apart... it wouldnt fit in the door!
Lesson learned....
Its Home!  

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