Monday, February 7

Fitness February- Week 1 In Review

Saturday I tried a new hot yoga place in downtown Raleigh.  I really liked it, but it is really far away.  It is certainly not somewhere I could make it to during the week, but they have great weekend times!  And our instructor was awesome!  Sunday I spent the day cleaning and organizing (a work out in itself) and eating yummy Super Bowl food.  My plan was to run Sunday, but my back felt a little weird.  This morning I woke up and my back was really hurting, in a painful, not sore kind of way.  I think I strained a muscle in my lower back so instead of doing yoga tonight I took it easy.

February 5th- 90 minute hot yoga
February 7th- 60 minute walk

Week In Review:

Yoga- 270 minutes in hot yoga (3 sessions)
Walking- 290 minutes of walking

Pretty darn good!  And I hope that I can beat it next week!  My back is already starting to feel better, so hot yoga might be a possibility tomorrow night :).

(Go me, Go me, Go me... happy dance!)

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