Tuesday, February 1

Exploration in the Kitchen

I love the grocery store.   I mean love it, probably because I love food.  I can spend an embarassing amount of time going through the isles just looking at all of the crazy things there are to eat.

After last year's epic Black Bean discovery, I have been trying new foods all the time.  A little background; ever since ever I've refused to eat beans.  I didnt like the texture.  Then, one day, I got the crazy idea to try them in a Mexican dish where the black beans were the primary ingredient.  And I loved it.  I ate black beans daily for a month.  Im eating black beans right now, actually, in a delicious black bean chili {http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/fantastic-black-bean-chili/Detail.aspx}.  You should try that recipe, its healthy, and delicious.

First one since I've started my blog... Almond Butter.  I love peanut butter, especially with fruit to dip it in.  I saw this at the grocery store and decided to give it a try.

Final thought; it is really good.  I had it with apples as a mid morning snack.  Problem: it costs about double what peanut butter costs, which makes me feel like I should be cherishing it while I eat it and I dont love it.  I think in the future I'll stick to peanut butter and eat almonds (cheaper that way!).

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