Wednesday, February 2

Fitness February!!

I'm desperately trying to get back on track in the workout department.  I saw another blogger start her "Fitness February" and thought that sounded MUCH better than the "Mustache March" {E} is convinced he's doing (Im trying to figure out what I can wager to make this not happen...).  I'll be updating you on my work outs!

Since yesterday was the first day of February I'll start there.  I started strong! 

February 1st- 45 minutes walking and a 90 minute hot yoga class

Hot yoga didn't feel at all as good yesterday, I missed the uplifting teacher I had this weekend!  Im a little sore, but feeling good.  Im doing their week long trial period then will try a few others to see where I fit best.

Ironically, after getting home from hot yoga I spotted a package on the door step...

My sweetie sent me a basket of sweets to enjoy while he was gone.  Apparently he was not aware of Fitness February :).  It came with a recipe for toffee crumble cookies.  I think I'm going to have to make some for him when he gets back so he can enjoy it too!

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