Thursday, February 3

Too Tired to Come Up With Something Clever

So tomorrow I'll update you with the exciting progress I've made towards my Craft Room Project!  And I have pictures to prove I really have made progress!  But, until then I figured I'd update my Fitness February :)

February 2nd- 90 min hot yoga, 40 min walking
February 3rd- Rest day (my muscles are sore!), 85 min of walking

Hot yoga was much harder yesterday.  All my small stabilizing muscles that were worked so hard the day before were sore.  It made it that much harder to twist myself into all the crazy positions.  It lead to one great night of sleep last night, and I as tired as I am tonight I think the trend will continue.

Hopefully I'll go to hot yoga tomorrow before my friend comes to spend the night!  Something about adult sleep overs is still as much fun as when we were little girls.  Maybe a little better, now they include wine.

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