Wednesday, February 2

While the Cat is Away, Mice Will Play

Actually it is more like work.  I made a huge list of things to do while {E} was gone.  Thus far, I havent made much progress!  My big project is to redo the spare bedroom.  And when I say "redo" I mean unpack all of the boxes I hid in there since I moved in (well over a year ago, and that were never unpacked after I left college), and in general make it somewhere a guest could actually stay {which is now put on a timeline since one of my best friends is coming for the weekend in a few weeks}.

Here's the list...

*Craft Room
     Make/Buy Craft Table
     Organize all craft stuff
     Accessorize the room
     Get pillows and finish the bed

*Find tile to tile the back porch (planned for the weekend {E} gets back)

*Update me and {E}'s scrapbook

*Work on my Dad's birthday present

*Update the decor in the living room/ downstairs

*Finish filling all of the picture frames and put printed pictures in albums

*Store all bills/statements from last year and start this year's [Done]

*Clean the front and back porches

*Maybe put something in the front foyer (its completely empty)

*Vacuum Car(s)

*Clean up back yard

*Make/Send invites for {E}'s party.  And organize/plan where his family is staying, what they're doing and so on while they're here (only a few weeks till they're here!!).

...yeah, I have a lot to do.  I need to get my booty in gear!

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